Global Efforts to Eradicate HIV

Month: April 2019

Raising Awareness At The 2016 Los Angeles HIV/aids Surveillance Program


The 2016 Los Angeles HIV/aids Surveillance Program successfully achieved its goal to raise more awareness about HIV/aids and the possibility of treatment. In the program, one of the speakers mentioned that in 2014, almost 50% of the one million Americans who were diagnosed with HIV experienced viral suppression, meaning that their virus was effectively managed. This is one of the primary goals of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because viral suppression greatly improves the lives of HIV patients and dramatically decreases their risk of contaminating others of their infection.

The speakers also emphasized the importance of campaigning and organizing events to empower Americans and people across the globe who are infected with HIV/aids to live hopefully and learn to open up in order to help others as well. Some activities that are simple yet effective include:

The Use Of Social Media. Using Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram are powerful ways of promoting awareness about many things. One can either create content and involve other netizens by providing a survey for them to answers. He may also want to include links in his post on topics about HIV/Aids.

Engaging The Community. If you’re a community leader, you can effectively help the young and old to know more about how to avoid HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases by holding symposiums and inviting speakers to talk about the importance of taking care of one’s sexual, physical, and mental health. As a member, you can also help by setting a good example to the youth and being diligent in following preventive measures during sexual intercourse with your spouse or partner.


Distributing Promotional Supplies. Give a portion of your time for helping the community create cards, posters, and banner ads that can be found online for free. Distribute these to the community and the neighboring communities as well. There are big organizations who are willing and able to donate HIV/Aids campaign materials – all you have to do is search for them and communicate with them.


You, too, can make a difference in this world. Do your part now.