Global Efforts to Eradicate HIV

How Chatbots Help Increase HIV Awareness



The much-anticipated 2019 HIV Care Summit finally came with a successful beginning and end to it. The collaboration of Aidsfonds and UNAIDS Indonesia resulted in an exchange of valuable information about artificial intelligence and utilizing it to help more people who are diagnosed with AIDS to be encouraged to seek help online. AIDS being a global problem, is something that almost every country in the world finds challenging to face, and the organizers of the summit brought together brilliant minds to discuss current and updated measures to improve mental treatments for HIV and STIs. Among what was considered was the use of chatbots or automated chat services.

Chatbots And HIV

Today, successful technology companies are modifying the way they look into and interact with health news and information through the use of chatbots. What are chatbots? These are messaging devices that operate by text or voice and are created to act like a real human capable of conversing or interacting. When you are talking to one, it will feel like you are interacting with a real person.

Bots have acquired their current momentum by utilizing messaging platforms, even beating the existing social network use. Another means is the development of artificial intelligence natural language processing, and machine learning, which are the foundation of efficient chatbot interactions. All these allow bots to increase human conversations. The use of Facebook Messenger and other third-part applications have also made it easier and more affordable for people to create and test chatbots.

There is a significant potential for using chatbots for HIV awareness. Some of these examples are:

  • Assisting patients for clinic appointments and schedules
  • Helping users look for details about a website or page more easily
  • Improving current mobile apps by providing customer service

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Chatbots have been making a tremendous positive impact on health care, and this includes applications that assist in providing quick diagnoses, finding better health care solutions, and increasing awareness of various issues, including HIV.



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