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Best AIDS-Related Movies To Watch While You’re Quarantined




The recent upsurge of Novel Coronavirus has induced so much fear and anxiety among people living with AIDS. They are among those who belong to the group with existing illnesses that are most vulnerable to infection, particularly to this devastating virus surrounding the whole world today. They are strongly advised to stay at home – no matter how young or old they are – to stay healthy and safe.

With all the negative emotions going on in their hearts and minds right now, it is only right that we offer them this article dedicated solely to them – the best inspirational AIDS-related movies that will keep their hopes up while they’re quarantined at home.

Angels In America

A lot of the early films about AIDS did not usually put so much art in them. They were raw and bravely done to portray the real stories of the failure of the government and humanity as well. This was one of those films produced in 2003. An Emmy Award miniseries category winner, Angels in America, successfully depicted the AIDS epidemic with powerful scenes, adding historical characters and an inspiring script that has captured so much positive audience response, even from those who knew very little about the disease.


How To Survive A Plague

This extensive documentary film was nominated and praised worldwide when it was released in 2012. It provided a clear explanation and portrayal of AIDS during those times that people claimed it was the film to beat because others were not successful in their attempts to clarify the misconceptions that people had about the disease. In addition, because of this documentary, filmmakers in the United States decided to form groups such as the AIDS Activist Movement and the ACT UP, which encouraged people with AIDS to stand up and show the world what they can do despite their illness. This is a must-see.


This film, which stars the talented and reputable Tom Hanks, is probably in everyone’s top ten inspiring movies of all time. It practically changed the way AIDS was pictured – with rage, fear, judgment, and insensitivity. This is one of Hanks’ most powerful portrayals, and it impacted the world in 1994, as it was obvious with how it made in the movie industry – a whopping $200 plus two Academy awards. The stigma that was shown in the movie hit some strings among the majority of people who knew in their hearts that they were guilty of discriminating AIDS victims from society. Denzel Washington explaining to his wife about homophobia in the movie, also made such an impact. Philadelphia is heart-wrenching and inspiring in so many ways.

An Early Frost

This is a television movie that was broadcasted in 1985 by NBC. It became so popular because it was the first film to expose the AIDS crisis in the United States. An Early Frost revolves around a young lawyer who was diagnosed with AIDS and decided to tell his parents about it. At the time when prejudice and stigma were extreme in America, its television audience reached more than 30 million. It successfully encouraged more public awareness of AIDS and HIV with its thoughtful and dramatic portrayals.


The Normal Heart

This HBO produced movie is an excellent complement to the 2012 movie How to Survive a Plague in its thorough exposure of the AIDS crisis and the creation of activist groups. The Normal Heart is based on the play that was created by Larry Kramer, the ACT UP founder. The movie relived the rage and the urgency that hit the strings of the audience on stage. The conversations felt as if they were done by an individual who completely understood and carried with him the burden of the AIDS crisis during the 80s. When you’re done watching this, you might as well follow it up with Larry Kramer in Love and Anger.



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