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Case Study

The Samastha Project aimed to provide a comprehensive program of networked HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services for most-at-risk po

Although transgender individuals are a highly vulnerable segment of El Salvador's population, the national political climate has only recently begu

Prompted by a growing knowledge of the complexity of HIV transmission, many countries are reassessing the nature of their HIV epidemics. "Mixed" ep

HIV Prevention Knowledge Base Entry

Due to the complexity of HIV prevention, both programmatic and policy-related interven


In 2011, AIDSTAR-One developed a Capacity Assessment Tool to assist PEPFAR program managers in facilitating the transition of care and treatment pr

In 2007, Cambodia initiated “Healthcare Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling,” in which health care providers in specialty clinics would recom

With the scale-up of HIV treatment programs, substantial funding has been committed to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of co-trimoxazole for pe

Technical Brief


In 2010, the World Health Organization released revised recommendations for adult and adolescent HIV treatment. This t

Health Policy Initiative Document

This paper describes the HPI's effort to develop a better understanding of fundamental barriers to policy implementation through conducting a Poli

This paper describes how projects supported by USAID, including the HPI, helped Vietnam to greatly improve its HIV policy and legal framework.

This case study documents how stakeholders in Uttarakhand used the PIAT to assess the state's 2002 Health and Population Policy.

The HPI | TO1 carried out case studies in Swaziland and Uganda focusing on task-shifting approaches and policies in both.

This brief provides an overview of the Policy Implementation Assessment Tool designed by HPI | TO1.

This document details Côte d'Ivoire's HIV/AIDS policy agenda.

This document summarizes an HIV/AIDS policy situational analysis conducted by HPI | TO 1 in Côte d'Ivoire.