Webinar: AIDSTAR-One’s Contributions to PEPFAR’s Roadmap on Smart Investments

Webinar on Creating an AIDS-free Generation:

AIDSTAR-One's Contributions to PEPFAR's Roadmap on Smart Investments

Together with USAID and PEPFAR, AIDSTAR-One is presenting a series of events highlighting how the six-year project has supported the development and implementation of USAID’s and PEPFAR’s initiatives to create an AIDS-free generation.

Please join us for the first event in the series, a webinar on AIDSTAR-One’s contributions to PEPFAR’s Roadmap on Smart Investments. PEPFAR’s Blueprint for an AIDS-free Generation is driven by several key principles, the first of which is making smart investments along the HIV continuum. To create an AIDS-free generation, countries must target their efforts, by reaching and supporting those populations at greatest risk and in urgent need of services. Accordingly, AIDSTAR-One has worked closely with USAID and PEPFAR to identify evidence-based initiatives, including those that increase key populations’ access to and uptake of HIV services, and those that reach and protect youth who are at risk for or victims of violence. This webinar will feature presentations on two specific initiatives: first, increasing key populations’ access to HIV services, such as HIV testing, in Thailand; and second, addressing and responding to the unique needs and rights of children and adolescents who have experienced sexual violence and exploitation.

This webinar will be moderated by AIDSTAR-One technical experts. Presenters include Cameron Wolf, senior advisor for key populations at USAID, Lyn Messner, senior gender technical advisor on AIDSTAR-One, and Marcy Levy, AIDSTAR-One’s senior technical advisor on orphans and vulnerable children. During the discussion, participants will be encouraged to share additional practices and experiences.

Event Details:

Thursday, December 12, 2013
9:00-10:00 AM EDT

To join the meeting please visit: https://ac.usaid.gov/r60645677/. Please log in as GUEST, using your first and last name.

For those joining by phone, please use the following conference line information:

  • US Dial-in # (800) 516-9896*
  • International Dial-in # (816) 650-0725*
  • Participant Code: 9747136547
Time Topic Speaker
5 minutes Participants log in All participants
5 minutes Welcome and opening remarks Elizabeth Berard, USAID
15 minutes pdf AIDSTAR-One HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) Portfolio: Thailand
(PDF, 643 KB)
Cameron Wolf, USAID
15 minutes pdf Responding to the Needs of Children and Adolescents who have Experienced Sexual Violence and Exploitation
(PDF, 1.3 MB)
Lyn Messner, AIDSTAR-One
Marcy Levy, AIDSTAR-One
20 minutes Discussion Malia Duffy, AIDSTAR-One

Please save the date for additional events in this series!

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