What information is provided for each Prevention Area?

AIDSTAR-One HIV Knowledge Base provides program-relevant information for program planners and implementers. Each knowledge base topic is introduced with a short description of the activity, its epidemiologic importance, a short synthesis of the major findings from research and the current status of program implementation, followed by:

  1. What We Know – Short summaries of major program relevant findings from a small set of seminal research articles that together provide the evidence-base that supports the approach to prevention
  2. Putting it Into Practice – Summaries of key interventions on how to reduce the transmission of HIV. For those who want additional information, links are provided to the AIDSTAR-One Good and Promising Programmatic Practices (G3P) database
  3. Tools and Curricula – Links to program materials, including tools, curricula, models, and promotional materials are provided for programs to adapt and use
  4. Learn More – Links to important additional materials and websites, for those who want more information