Protecting Children Affected by HIV Against Abuse, Exploitation, and Violence

This document is intended to explore strategies to protect children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV (OVC) from abuse, exploitation, violence, and neglect. The report draws from lessons learned by OVC program managers, designers, and policy developers—particularly those associated with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

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PDF Introduction (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF PEPFAR Child Protection Programming Options for OVC (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Protective Legislation and Enforcement (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Governmental Commitment (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF Capacity to Protect Those Around Children (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF Services for Recovery and Reintegration (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF Practices that Protect Children (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF Open Discussion with Child Protection Issues (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Children's Life Skills, Knowledge, and Participation (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Monitoring and Reporting (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF General Tools and Resources to Support Child Protection (PDF, 461 KB)

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PDF Appendix 1: Relevant International Guidelines (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Appendix 2: Commonly Used Definitions (PDF, 455 KB)

PDF Appendix 3: Policy Development and Implementation (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Appendix 4: Checklist (PDF, 461 KB)

PDF Appendix 5: UNICEF's 8 Elements of a Protective Environment (PDF, 461 KB)