A Compendium of Programs in Africa

This compendium describes how 31 programs in Africa are using gender strategies to improve HIV services and reduce vulnerability to HIV infection. Click on the tabs below to see how these programs are combining strategies, where gaps exist, what lessons were learned, and common experiences across programs.

From these 31 programs, 5 were selected as subjects of in-depth case studies. The five case studies and the resulting findings report are integrated into the compendium below, or you can view the whole Africa Gender Compendium Case Study Series.

View the Africa Gender Compendium Case Study Series Findings Report


womens groupAll programs selected for the compendium were reviewed to identify lessons for program and policy audiences, such as:

  • How multiple gender strategies were employed
  • Gaps in programmatic efforts
  • Similar and dissimilar approaches, experiences and lessons across programs

The review showed that many innovative programs exist in sub-Saharan Africa and implementers are successfully integrating multiple gender approaches into HIV programs. Combining gender strategies produces numerous benefits, including ensuring project salience and relevance, extending project reach, and reflecting the multiple, inter-related needs of beneficiaries.

Most programs lack rigorous data collection and evaluation, often because implementers do not have sufficient resources or technical capacity. Though all the programs featured in the Compendium are have strong gender components, few collect findings related to gender outcomes.

Of programs implementing two or more gender strategies:

  • Reducing gender-based violence was most common
  • Increasing women’s legal protection was the least common
  • Programs often addressed male norms and behaviors in combination with gender-based violence efforts, successfully engaging men with innovative approaches; and
  • Strategies to increase women’s income were combined with other strategies to sustain women’s capacity to address a range of issues in their lives, including violence and HIV
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