Consultation on Scaling up the Response to Gender-Based Violence in PEPFAR

From May 6-7 2010, AIDSTAR-One facilitated a “Consultation on Scaling up the Response to Gender-Based Violence in PEPFAR,” sponsored by the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) and the Gender Technical Working Group. At the meeting, Dr. Eric Goosby, Global AIDS Coordinator, announced a new women- and girl-centered, three-year, $30 million initiative to scale up multi-sectoral gender-based violence (GBV) programming in three countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Delegates from these countries, along with invited research, program, and GBV experts, exchanged recent research findings, promising practices, and emerging approaches. These conversations will not only inform and shape PEPFAR’s GBV responses in these three countries, but also in all of PEPFAR's other partner countries.

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Read more about GBV programming through OGAC here.

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Day 1 Day 1 - Breakout Day 2
PEPFAR Gender Programming—Past, Present and Future
(PDF, 570 KB)
Presented by Michele Moloney-Kitts, Assistant U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator


(PDF, 89 KB)
Presented by Diana Prieto, USAID


Measurement of GBV Prevention and Services: Assessing Output and Outcomes
(PDF, 364 KB)
Presented by Sajeda Amin, Population Council

What Experience, Research, and Programming Have Taught Us About Responding to GBV: An Overview
(PDF, 952 KB)
Presented by Gary Barker, International Center for Research on Women

Health Services
(PDF, 112 KB)
Presented by Clint Liveoak, CDC


Monitoring and Evaluation of GBV Community Mobilization Programs: Lessons from the Field
(PDF, 1.37 MB)
Presented by Lori Michau, Raising Voices


Transforming Theory Into Practice: The Stepping Stones Experience
(PDF, 94 KB)
Presented by Rachel Jewkes, Medical Research Council, South Africa

Legal Sector
(PDF, 179 KB)
Presented by Hormazd Sethna, DOD

Development and Use of Programmatic and Population-based GBV Indicators
(PDF, 106 KB)
Presented by Shelah Bloom, University of North Carolina/Measure Evaluation


The Private Sector's Contribution
(no file available)
Presented by Gary Cohen, Becton, Dickinson and Company

Education Sector
(PDF, 111 KB)
Presented by Daniela Ligiero, OGAC


Defining the Research Agenda for the Future: Key Unanswered Questions on GBV and Linkages with HIV in Programming and Service Delivery
(PDF, 556 KB)
Presented by Nancy Padian, Public Health Advisor to OGAC

Practical Examples from the Field
(no file available)
Presented by Nduku Kilonzo, Liverpool VCT, Care & Treatment, Kenya

Social Services Sector/Psychological Support
(PDF, 106 KB)
Presented by Nina Hasen, OGAC


Summary of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Portfolio: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
(PDF, 129 KB)

Behavior Change Communications/Community Mobilization
(PDF, 112 KB)
Presented by Meghan Donahue, Peace Corps


Summary of Sexual and Gender-based Violence Portfolio: Mozambique
(PDF, 146 KB)

Economic Empowerment/Income Generation
(PDF, 107 KB)
Presented by Kimberly Coleman, DOD


Summary of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Portfolio: Tanzania
(PDF, 144 KB)


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