South-to-South Technical Assistance: Swaziland

South-to-South Technical Assistance on Home-based HIV Testing and Counseling in Swaziland

A south-to-south (S2S) approach leverages expertise from one developing country to build local capacity in another. AIDSTAR-One facilitated its first S2S technical assistance to Swaziland, which was seeking to pilot test home-based HIV testing and counseling (HBHTC) – a new HIV testing and counseling (HTC) approach, in which counselors visit households to offer HTC. Expert trainers from The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Uganda, pioneers in HBHTC, led Swaziland through technical training that enabled a successful six-month HBHTC pilot project.

AIDSTAR-One developed a report based on this S2S intervention for HIV program planners, policymakers, implementers, or other audiences interested in learning or applying HBHTC.

Technical Report: South-to-South Technical Assistance: Swaziland