South-to-South Technical Assistance: Swaziland

South-to-South Technical Assistance on Home-based HIV Testing and Counseling: Swaziland

What is South-to-South Technical Assistance?

A south-to-south (S2S) approach leverages expertise and capacity building from one developing country to another.

July 2010 - At the request of PEPFAR's Technical Working Group and USAID, AIDSTAR-One facilitated its first south-to-south (S2S) exchange of technical assistance (TA) in support of Swaziland's pilot of home-based HIV testing and counseling (HBHTC). Expert trainers well-versed in HBHTC from The AIDS Support Organization in Uganda (TASO) conducted HBHTC training and provided technical guidance. As a result, Swaziland launched a six-month HBHTC pilot project to determine feasibility and acceptability for potential national scale-up.

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People walking in a remote area

Households in rural areas are spread out requiring counselors to walk long distances in difficult terrain.

HBHTC South-to-South Technical Assistance to Swaziland: Technical Assistance Report Summary

HBHTC South-to-South Technical Assistance to Swaziland: Detailed Technical Assistance Reports

Recommendations for HBHTC Pilot Implementation

AIDSTAR-One's S2S TA team provided recommendations for HBHTC in Swaziland, as displayed in the graphic below. While specific to Swaziland, these recommendations may be applicable to other programs initiating or implementing HBHTC programs.

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Diagram of HBHTC Recommendations