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Behavioral Interventions: Transactional and Age-disparate Sex in Hyperendemic Countries

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Technical Meeting on Young Women in HIV Hyper-endemic Countries of Southern Africa: Intergenerational/Age-disparate Sex: Policy and Programme Action Brief

Leclerc-Madlala, S. (2008).

This short action brief summarizes the issue of age-disparate sexual relationships in Southern Africa and the effect such relationships have on hastening HIV transmission. A meeting of technical experts reviewed the information on this phenomenon and developed seven action and policy recommendations to reduce the risk of HIV among this high-risk group. Recommendations include rapidly increasing programs that work directly with men to challenge the norms that sanction age-disparate sex; involving faith-based/traditional leaders and media more fully; and ensuring that laws against underage sexual exploitation are in place and enforced.

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Addressing the Vulnerability of Young Women & Girls to Stop the HIV Epidemic in Southern Africa

U.N. Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS. (2008).  

The brief situation analysis in this report identifies multiple reasons for the lack of success in reducing high levels of HIV infection in southern Africa. An expert meeting in 2008 attempted to understand the challenges in preventing HIV in this context as well as identify ways to respond to them. Participants represented high-level policy experts as well as research and programming experts on women, girls, and HIV from all southern African countries. The report contains four key actions to respond effectively to the high levels of HIV infection among young women and girls in this area. Issues briefs in the report include information on priority interventions to reduce women’s biomedical vulnerability to HIV and gender-based violence.

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Cross-generational Sex: Risks and Opportunities

Feldman-Jacobs, C., & Worley, H. (2008).

This brief summarizes the key information of a desk review on cross-generational sex, including prevalence of the phenomenon according to survey data, the consequences to sexual and reproductive health, and conceptual frameworks for understanding the issue. The brief further presents existing programs and approaches, promising practices, lessons for the future, and identifies key research gaps, particularly in evaluating the effect of programs on sexual behavior.

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Protecting and Empowering Adolescent Girls: Evidence for the Global Health Initiative

U.S. Agency for International Development. (2010).

This webpage contains the agenda of a cooperating agency meeting focused on protecting adolescent girls from risks of HIV and other reproductive health risks. The evidence from this meeting will be used to inform development of women- and girl-centered approaches in the U.S. Government’s Global Health Initiative. Links to resources include a list of key documents recommended by participants, presentations, and a summary of the meeting.

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