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HIV Prevention Knowledge Base

A Collection of Research and Tools to Help You Find What Works in Prevention

Structural Interventions: Interventions Addressing Policy Factors

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Health Policy Initiative

A USAID-funded follow-on project to the Policy Project. The section headed Technical Briefs contains some useful case study materials.

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Medical Advocates

A website devoted to articles and reports on numerous aspects of HIV and AIDS. Documents dealing with policy, legal and regulatory aspects of HIV and AIDS prevention can be found in the Human Rights/Violence/Infectious Diseases section and the Marginalized People section.

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The Policy Project

The project has ended, but many papers and reports are available online.

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UNAIDS Policies and Briefs

This web page houses a comprehensive set of briefs and practical guidelines promoting the "broad principles and standards" UNAIDS recommends to policy makers and programmers. Many areas of HIV prevention are covered, including male circumcision, condoms and post-exposure prophylaxis. Populations such as men who have sex with men, prisoners, injecting drug users, women and girls and others are addressed as well.

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