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Structural Interventions: Workplace Interventions to Prevent HIV

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Business Coalitions Tackling AIDS: A Worldwide Review

Sidhu, I.K. World Economic Forum Global Health Initiative (2008).

This snapshot of four regional and 47 national business coalitions demonstrates their role as an accessible channel for the private sector to participate in a multi-sectoral response to HIV. It shares best practices and lessons learned as well as highlighting where coalitions need more donor, academic and international partner support. The report analyzes the different organizational models used and gives pointers to overcoming concerns about sustainability (put local needs at the forefront, engage stakeholders before launch, keep engaged with the private sector engagement, stay adaptable and foster in-house expertise). It concludes with a Business Coalitions Tackling AIDS Worldwide Directory.

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The ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work

International Labour Organization (2005).

This International Labour Organization Code of Practice provides guidelines for HIV policy development and practice at enterprise, community, regional, sectoral and national levels. It covers all employers and employees whether formal or informal, in both the public and private sectors, and can be used to promote dialogue among stakeholders. The code covers key principles and describes various means of prevention through information and education (e.g., awareness-raising campaigns, gender-specific programs, support for behavior change and community outreach programs), and has sections on training, testing and workplace care and support of people living with HIV.

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South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (SABCOHA)

South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (2010).

The South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS pilots HIV workplace initiatives and provides resources to equip private sector stakeholders to respond to HIV. Includes resources targeting businesses, including case studies and toolkits, frequently-updated links to media stories relevant to HIV in the workplace, and extensive links to related websites. A section on prevention, which highlights condom distribution, is featured.

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