Public-Private Partnership for a Common Health Care Waste Management Treatment Facility in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, health care waste management (HCWM) and its importance to human and environmental health and safety are widely ignored, despite a legal framework in the form of national health care waste management guidelines (Federal Ministry of Health 2008). AIDSTAR-One conducted a needs assessment among Addis Ababa health facilities, which revealed a poor understanding both of why HCW should be managed any differently than other categories of wastes and why HCW should be segregated at its point of generation. In addition, many medical institutions fail to undertake the steps necessary to improve HCWM practices, lacking the funds required to set up a proper management system and because of constraints related to HCWM. Accordingly, this study recommends establishment of a common health care waste treatment facility (CHCWTF). The framework outlines a project that is believed to provide solution for this critical problem.

pdf Download A Public-Private Partnership Framework for a Common Health Care Waste Treatment Facility for Addis Ababa City (PDF, 310 KB)

pdf Download the Needs Assessment for Implementation of a Public-Private Partnership in Health Care Waste Management in Addis Ababa City (PDF, 1.2 MB)