Multiple and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships Event

The October 29-30, 2008 technical consultation on Multiple and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships (MCP) convened researchers, US Government representatives and program implementers to address the role of MCP in fueling the HIV/AIDS epidemics of Southern Africa. Expert researchers explained how MCP facilitates the spread of HIV, reviewed available data on concurrency and HIV produced from projection models and surveys, and described the cultural drivers of MCP. Representatives of several HIV prevention programs addressing MCP described their efforts, successes and challenges. Finally, facilitated breakout sessions generated recommendations for gathering critical data, engendering community support for MCP programs, implementing multi-level communications activities to address MCP, and integrating MCP messages within a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention and care.

PDF Meeting Report (PDF, 464 KB)


Overview: The Relationship Between Concurrent Partnerships and HIV Transmission
(PDF, 981 KB)
Presented by Martina Morris
, University of Washington

Quantitative Approaches to Measuring Sexual Partner Concurrency
(PDF, 384 KB)
Presented by Sara Nelson, University of Washington

Multiple and Concurrent Partnering in Southern Africa: The Ethnographic Perspective
(PDF, 182 KB)
Presented by Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Formative Assessment for a Regional Campaign to Address Multiple and Concurrent Partners
(PDF, 751 KB)
Presented by Harriet Perlman
, Soul City

Responding to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Lessons from Uganda
(PDF, 158 KB)
Presented by Noerine Kaleeba
, TASO Uganda

A National HIV/AIDS Campaign to Reduce Concurrent Partnerships in Swaziland
(PDF, 458 KB)
Presented by Faith Dlamini, NERCHA

Multi-Level Communications Program to Address Concurrency in South Africa
(PDF, 856 KB)
Presented by Richard Delate

Mainstreaming Efforts to Reduce Concurrent Sexual Partnerships within Ongoing HIV Prevention Programs
(PDF, 315 KB)
Presented by Doug Call

Promoting Mutual Monogamy through Churches in Eastern Cape, South Africa
(PDF, 122 KB)
Presented by Nathi Sohaba, Population Council

Multiple & Concurrent Sex Partnerships Among Youth: Food for the Hungry's Curriculum
(PDF, 89 KB)
Presented by Kim Buttonow, Food for the Hungry