Prevention for Most-at-Risk Populations in PEPFAR Countries

Current HIV prevention efforts targeting most-at-risk populations (MARPS) reach a mere fraction of these individuals—injecting drug users (IDUs), men who have sex with men (MSM) and commercial sex workers (CSWs)—at greatest risk of contracting HIV. The February 18-20, 2009 technical consultation on Interventions with Most-at-Risk Populations in PEPFAR Countries was held in Chennai, India where local organizations have demonstrated their capacity to work effectively with MARPs. The meeting participants included US Government representatives who are currently implementing or planning to increase prevention activities for MARPS in the near future from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, including experiences from concentrated, generalized and mixed epidemics.

The meeting centered on a discussion of the Core Components of a Strategic Response for MARPS, or those essential program dimensions that must be part of any effort to reach MARPS, including: measurement approaches, enabling environment, capacity building, a minimum package of prevention services, scaling-up the coverage, quality and intensity of prevention activities and monitoring and evaluation. Expert researchers explained the current status of MARPs activities, reviewing current experience and evidence pertaining to prevention activities designed specifically to reach IDUs, MSM and CSWs. Representatives of several HIV prevention programs addressing prevention for MARPS described their efforts, successes and challenges. Participants took part in site visits to local programs with demonstrated success in reaching MARPs. Finally, facilitated breakout sessions generated recommendations toward developing action plans.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Core Components of a Strategic Response for MARPs
(PDF, 28 KB)
Presented by Sharon Stash

The Forgotten Epidemic: HIV and Vulnerabilities among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
(PDF, 190 KB)
Presented by Office of HIV/AIDS, USAID

Scaling Up Prevention With MARPs
(PDF, 2.58)
Presented by Padma Chandrasekaran
, Gates Foundation

Interventions with Most-at-Risk Populations in PEPFAR Countries: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
(PDF, 103 KB)
Presented by Abu S. Abdul-Quader

HIV/AIDS Programming for MSM in the Greater Mekong Region
(PDF, 898 KB)
Presented by Nithya Mani

Most-at-risk Populations and HIV
(PDF, 320 KB)
Presented by Abu S. Abdul-Quader

Reaching MSM in Ghana with HIV and AIDS Interventions
(PDF, 1.83 MB)
Presented by
Lydia Clemmons

What Constitutes a Strategic Response for MARPS?
(PDF, 1.2 MB)
Presented by Swarup Sarkar
, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Overview: Core Components of a Minimum Package of Services for HIV Prevention with Sex Workers
(PDF, 278 KB)
Presented by Karen Kroeger

Best Practices and Key Issues Related to Measurement Approaches for Characterizing MARPS Epidemics and Populations
(PDF, 1.73 MB)
Presented by Willi McFarland

Kenya Sex Worker Program Programmatic Responses
(PDF, 543 KB)
Presented by Mercy Muthui, CDC

Rapid Assessment among Drug Using Populations: Lessons Learned from South Africa
(PDF, 468 KB)
Presented by Karen Kroeger, CDC

Interventions for Sex Workers: Experience of HIV Prevention and Care Services for Sex Workers in Côte d'Ivoire
(PDF, 1.29 MB)
Presented by Ivanne Amon

Nepal: Mapping/Size Estimation of MARPS
(PDF, 70 KB)
Presented by Shanta Gurung

Evidence and Best Practices for HIV Prevention with Injection Drug Users (IDUs)
(PDF, 337 KB)
Presented by Linda Wright De Agüero

Integrated Biological-Behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) in Indonesia: Process Description
(PDF, 1.29 MB)
Presented by Linda Baldwin

Prevention and Biomedical Prevention Programs: IDUs
(PDF, 745 KB)
Presented by Leslie Perry, USAID

Involving Community: Why and How?
(PDF, 1.45 MB)
Presented by Swarup Sarkar
, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Most-at-risk Population Studies & Activities: Zanzibar, Tanzania
(PDF, 138 KB)
Presented by Irene Benech, CDC

Building NGO/Civil Society Capacity to Implement MARP Programmes
(PDF, 744 KB)
Presented by John Howson, AIDS Alliance

M&E Framework & PEPFAR II Indicators for MARPS
(PDF, 162 KB)
Presented by Roger Myrick, CDC

India: AIDS Prevention and Control Project (APAC)
(PDF, 381 KB)
Presented by Bimal Charles, APAC

Monitoring and Evaluation of MARPs HIV Interventions in Thailand
(PDF, 301 KB)
Presented by Kimberley Fox, CDC

PEPFAR Guidance Update for Prevention among Most At-Risk Populations
(PDF, 47 KB)
Presented by Karina Rapposelli

Using Strategic Information to Identify and Overcome Threats to Cambodia's Remarkable Response to HIV/AIDS
(PDF, 861 KB)
Presented by Michael Cassell, USAID


Controlling the HIV Epidemic among Injection Drug Users in China
(PDF, 2.2 MB)
Presented by Marc Bulterys

Most-at-risk Populations in Uganda: What do we Know and What is Being Done?
(PDF, 494 KB)
Presented by Wolfgang Hladik, CDC
India: Legal Issues and Stakeholder Building (MSM/CSW)
(PDF, 182 KB)
Presented by Tripti Tandon, Lawyers Collective

PEPFAR/Vietnam: Developing Programs to Reduce IDU IDU-Related Risk
(PDF, 662 KB)
Presented by John Eyres