ART Costing Tool Crosswalk: AIDS Strategy and Action Plan (ASAP) HIV/AIDS Costing Tool

AIDS Strategy and Action Plan (ASAP) HIV/AIDS Costing Tool

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Model Methodology

  • Uses RNM and SPECTRUM Spectrum as inputs for basic epidemiology and demand data
  • Data are gathered from situation analyses (epidemiological and behavioral surveys), structured interviews, focus groups, desk reviews, and meetings with key informants (procurement background, financial expertise).

Questions Answered

Costs strategic and operational plans. Examines the impact of different coverage levels, unit cost reductions, and various combinations of strategic plan activities to determine how best to operate within overall funding constraints

  • What is the overall cost of achieving the strategic plan?
  • What are the unit costs?
  • What are the financial and human resource implications of various levels of task shifting?

Program Areas

Prevention, treatment, and care (including provider-initiated testing, prophylaxis for OIs, ART, nutritional support, laboratory monitoring, dental programs for PLWH, psychological treatment and support, palliative care, home-based care, alternative and informal providers, outpatient care, treatment of OIs, inpatient care, patient transport, and emergency rescue), OVC, AIDS program development, human resources, mitigation, community development and research

Data Outputs

Target levels for coverage intended by the strategic plan (including ARV, nutritional support, treatment of OIs, voluntary counseling and testing [VCT], prevention of mother-to-child transmission [PMTCT], testing, sexually transmitted infection [STI] management, blood safety, post-exposure prophylaxis [PEP], safe injection, and circumcision) unit costs.

  • Both general and at-risk populations are included.
  • Outputs include cost by benefactor, cost and expenditure by function, and cost by expenditure type.
  • The Global Fund Module converts the results to a format suitable for Global Fund proposals.


  • The Excel platform limits the model. It becomes somewhat unwieldy (up to 10 MB). Could be on a web-based platform.
  • You have to pay close attention to mapping when there are multiple activities related to the same function. It was originally set up to respond to 5 activities per function but at present is up to 99.
  • Determining the unit costs is sometimes difficult.

Online Access

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