ART Costing Tool Crosswalk: Resource Needs Model (RNM) HIV/AIDS

Resource Needs Model (RNM) HIV/AIDS

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Model Methodology

  • Suggests using Spectrum to obtain national-level demographic and epidemiological data required by the tool.
  • Provides some default data from published studies on the cost of prevention and care programs, but users are free to change some data if they have more accurate information. The user also inputs national data such as HIV prevalence information, demographics, and current coverage data.

Questions Answered

Calculates the total resources needed for prevention, care, treatment, and orphan support for HIV/AIDS.

  • What are the resources needed for HIV/AIDS interventions in low- and middle-income countries?
  • What resources are needed for an expanded response to HIV/AIDS at the national level for prevention, care, treatment, and mitigation?

Program Areas

  • Prevention (mass media, community mobilization, youth-focused interventions, interventions focused on sex workers and their clients, workplace programs, harm reduction for IDUs, interventions for MSM, condom provision, improving STI management, VCT, PMTCT, blood safety, PEP, safe injection, universal precautions)
  • ART (including laboratory tests for monitoring ART and treatment of OIs while on ART, care and prophylaxis in the absence of ART, diagnostic HIV testing, home-based care, palliative care, TB treatment, nutritional support, and ART provider training)
  • OVC

Data Outputs

Resources needed for HIV prevention, up to 10 types of care and treatment and orphan support, as well as program support (estimated as a percent of total direct program resources)


  • Does not incorporate effectiveness and cannot provide health outcomes for the interventions included in the tool
  • Does not take into consideration macroeconomic conditions
  • Prevention component provides a set of global default unit cost estimates, which the user is encouraged to modify for their own particular country.

Online Access

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