National Treatment Guidelines

Treatment Update
In July 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued new HIV treatment recommendations.

Adults & adolescents
Pregnant women
Infants & children

AIDSTAR-One has developed a database of National Treatment Guidelines from over 50 countries. The database includes adult and pediatric treatment guidelines as available by country. Click here for PMTCT Guidelines.

Search by country, treatment area or keywords. Click on the title of the document in the "Download File" column to view the full document. You may also click on "Regimen Summary" to view key components of a set of guidelines, such as initiation criteria and first and second line regimens.

Please note that AIDSTAR-One has conducted extensive on-line research and made a concerted effort to contact ministries of health or responsible parties to access the most current HIV treatment guidelines. The national guidelines posted here are up-to-date, to the best of the project’s knowledge, as of July 2011.

On a semiannual basis, AIDSTAR-One will conduct a review of information available online and revisit contact with ministries of health to update this database with the most current treatment guidelines. Should any individuals have knowledge of or access to additional or more recent versions of national guidelines please contact us at

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