National Protocol Guidelines Integrated Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PDF, 361.41 KB)

by Ministry of Health

National Treatment Guideline, Zambia

Zambia's national prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) guidelines document was published 2007. This document presents a national approach that integrates the principles of ART pregnant women and ARV prophylaxis for newborn care. The treatment criteria for pregnant women include CD4 counts below 200 irrespective of the clinical. When the CD4 counts are above 200, AZT should be given twice daily from 28th week and single dose NVP at the onset of the labor are recommended. Newborns should receive single NVP at birth followed by AZT twice daily for four weeks. In addition, these guidelines provide the recommendations for infant feeding practices, malaria prophylaxis for the mother and cotrimozaxole prophylaxis for the infant given from 6th week of age. The guidelines also address the issues of early infant HIV diagnosis, baby hospital friend initiative, and monitoring and evaluation of the program.