The Society for Family Health and the Population Services International (SFH/PSI) will manage a franchise network (under the brand name, New Start) of 12 stand-alone CT sites, each with a mobile CT program. From these CT sites, SFH will provide training and support to at least six healthcare facilities to increase the number of tuberculosis (TB) patients who receive HIV CT in clinical settings, and to private healthcare workers to enable them to make CT a routine part of medical care. Emphasis areas include community mobilization/participation, development of network/linkages/referral systems, local organization capacity development, quality assurance/quality improvement/supportive supervision and training. Primary target populations include men and couples for CT in non-medical settings, and TB patients for CT in medical settings. Higher risk populations such as prisoners, sex workers, and men who have sex with men are targeted when possible.

Goal of the Practice
  • Increase access to confidential client initiated C&T
  • Enhance HIV/AIDS communications, prevention and care
  • Increase emphasis on referral into care and treatment services
  • Establish partnerships that include workplace programs, local partners in rural areas, townships, other underserved populations and FBOs
  • Seek South African Government funding to expand the network in future.
Core Components
  • SFH will manage a network of 12 stand-alone CT sites, each operating a mobile and workplace CT program. SFH will manage three sites, and partner NGOs will manage the remaining nine sites. SFH will provide technical, financial, management, marketing, and quality assurance support to the nine sites.
  • SFH will increase the number of TB patients who are tested and referred for HIV treatment. The project will partner with and mentor NGO, private sector and/or government facilities, strengthen already existing systems and work to fill important gaps where the testing and referral of TB patients can be improved.
  • PSI/SFH will develop and carry out a mass media campaign working with private sector partners to encourage HIV counseling and testing. The campaign will be national and will culminate in a one week testing drive.
  • SFH will partner with Careworks, a private organization which provides healthcare services. Careworks will provide mobile CT services to men in construction works and in mining throughout the country. This activity is aimed at reaching men who would otherwise not access testing services at public healthcare facilities.
Noteworthy Results
  • New Start was designed to attract men and is one of the few CT programs in the country that sees a majority male clientele. 52% of New Start clients are male.
  • New Start is one of the few programs in the country that see substantial numbers of couple CT clients. 6% of New Start clients are couples.
Lessons Learned
  • Ground floor facilities attract more clients relative to facilities on elevated floors.
  • Mobile facilities (or facilities in high volume areas) appear to be more productive -- particularly on a cost per client basis.
  • The sense is that staff may prefer mobile clinics.
Focus Areas
Counseling and Testing
Implemented By
Society for Family Health (SFH) and Population Services International
Participating Organization
South Africa
Clinic/Health facility
Target Population
  • Adults (over 18)
  • Males
  • General Public
  • Sex Workers (SW)
  • Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
  • Workforce
  • People Living with HIV (PLWH)
Implementation Years
12/2004 - 12/2009