Young, Empowered and Healthy (YEAH) Something for Something Campaign

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Y.E.A.H. is a multi-channel communication campaign for young people that combines mass media, person-to-person, and community media to stimulate a national movement against transactional sex.

Goal of the Practice
  • Y.E.A.H “Something for Something Love” campaign’s goal was to stimulate community dialogue and change behaviors of both the older men and young women involved in transactional sex.
Core Components
  • Radio drama series which modeled desired behavior changes in the face of realistic barriers and facilitators
  • Participatory activities in the community to further encourage dialogue and promote introspective exploration
  • Advocacy activities among media and religious leaders to create support for the campaign among influential individuals
  • Mobilization of community groups, health facilities, schools, workplaces, and communities to take action
Noteworthy Results
  • A 2008 survey demonstrated that many of the program goals of the Something For Something Love campaign were met: those who were exposed to the campaign had negative attitudes toward transactional sex, fewer individuals exposed to the program were engaging in the behavior (or discouraging others from doing so), and social tolerance for transactional sex was significantly lower among those with higher levels of exposure.
  • A 2006 annual report estimates that five million people heard the message.
  • Received 900 listener letters in the first year of the campaign
  • Trained 300 young people in Behavior Change Communications
  • Over 66 percent of young people surveyed had been exposed to ‘Something for Something Love” messages
Lessons Learned
  • Creative ways still need to be found to enhance program exposure among those who need them the most: poorer individuals, those with less education, and those residing in rural settings. Across most of the outcomes, these individuals tended to perform poorly. Community-based approaches seem to be a viable venue for reaching this group of individuals, whereas mass media approaches may be less effective.
Focus Areas
Implemented By
Communication for Development Foundation Uganda, Straight Talk Foundation
Participating Organization
  • Uganda AIDS Commission
  • Health Communication Partnership
  • Save the Children in Uganda (SCiU) – Central and Northern Regions
  • AIDS Information Center (AIC) – Southwestern Region
  • Student Partnership Worldwide (SPW) – Eastern Region
Target Population
  • Adults (over 18)
  • Adolescents (ages 13-17)
  • Males
  • Females
> 50000
Implementation Years
10/2005 - 06/2008