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Guatemala: La Prevención a las ISTs, la Respuesta a la Epidemia del SIDA

In 2008, Guatemala's Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance's National Program on STIs/HIV/AIDS, with technical support from the USAID | Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1, and participation from UNAIDS and civil society organizations, initiated a joint effort to monitor the advances made in the implementation of the Public Policy on STIs and HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the review was to assess the advances and challenges in implementing the policy and to identify areas to be strengthened to foster achievement of the policy's goals. The methodology consisted of in-depth interviews with policymakers and implementers/other stakeholders, using the Health Policy Initiative's Policy Implementation Assessment Tool. This brief summarizes the key findings from the assessment. Through dissemination of the findings and dialogue, in-country partners have explored possible solutions to the challenges identified in the assessment.