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HPI Helps HIV-positive Teachers Tackle Stigma and Discrimination in Kenya

While HIV-related stigma is a challenge throughout Kenyan society, it has rendered certain groups particularly vulnerable. Members of particular professions, such as teaching, have been acutely stigmatized because of their positions of trust in the society. Teachers living with HIV have experienced high levels of stigma and discrimination. Many have been forced to resign their posts because of their status. Recently, this situation has begun to change, in part due to the efforts of networks of teachers living with and affected by HIV. With assistance from the USAID | Health Policy Initiative, teachers have come together to support and educate each other about HIV, encourage each other to seek treatment, and advocate for their rights. With the project's training and support, the Kenya Network of Positive Teachers (KENEPOTE) and the Kenya AIDS Network for Post-primary Institutions (KANEPPI) are fighting stigma and discrimination, advocating for teachers' rights, and raising awareness of HIV in their workplaces and communities.