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HIV Prevention Knowledge Base Entry

Addressing injection safety helps prevent the medical transmission of HIV and other bloodborne pathogens to patients and health care workers.

Inadequate and unsafe blood supply causes avoidable deaths and transmits infectious diseases, including HIV. Preventing transfusion of unsafe blood


Continuing work from the Making Medical Injections Safer project, USAID/Nigeria asked AIDSTAR-One to provide injection safety technical assistance

AIDSTAR-One conducted this baseline assessment of injection safety in five USAID priority states: Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Lagos, and Sokoto. Us

Success Story

The story is about the success of AIDSTAR-One advocacy for protecting health care workers with Hepatitis-B vaccination.

In order to facilitate the country-wide implementation of the safe phlebotomy strategy, AIDSTAR-One supported the Government of Nigeria in develo