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strategic frameworks

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strategic frameworks

Case Study

Data from a 2009 modeling exercise suggested that Rwanda has a mixed HIV epidemic, meaning that transmission occurs within both most-at-risk popula

In many countries facing high-prevalence, generalized HIV epidemics, the development of a national prevention strategy is difficult and often does

Issue Brief

While global guidance for HIV prevention recognizes the importance of structural HIV prevention, evidence for the effectiveness of these interventi

This paper proposes a three-pronged structural approach to be used by HIV prevention programmers: 1) social epidemiology targeting to enhance equit

Over the past decade, there have been increasing numbers of successful, practical interventions that address HIV’s structural factors. 

This paper examines some of the evidence linking structural factors to HIV risk; research gaps, including the pathwa

HIV Prevention Knowledge Base Entry

Although the effects of HIV in the workplace differ by the size of the company/organization and the type of labor employed, for many companies

Technical Consultation Material

September 2012, Guatemala -


In 2012 and 2013, AIDSTAR-One piloted the South-to-South Technical Exchange on Integrating PEPFAR Gender Strategies: Framework and Toolkit in colla

Tools and Curricula

This draft resource tool provides guidance on operationalizing structural programming for HIV prevention. The tool is designed to help both U.S. Go

Health Policy Initiative Document

This guide provides practical steps to develop and implement HIV care and prevention programs for both employees and managers in Mexico.

This brief summarizes the key findings from an assessment conducted by HPI TO1 of Guatemala's HIV/AIDS program.

This document details Côte d'Ivoire's HIV/AIDS policy agenda.

This document summarizes the process that resulted in the design and validation of two resources developed by HPI | TO1.