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First Symptoms Of HIV That You Shouldn’t Ignore


We have seen the society open its doors wider than ever for the people living with HIV in recent years. Folks no longer keep their distance or shun the patients for having the virus. There are testing facilities as well in almost every health center or clinic, which practically denotes that it is okay to want to get examined for the infection. Best of all, to prevent its continuous spreading, many infomercials about the sexually transmitted disease have started popping up even on mainstream media.

If there is something that producers or creators of this propaganda cannot do, however, it’s to become very detailed regarding what an HIV patient experiences on a daily basis. Doing so entails that they need to be graphic, after all, and that may get flagged by regulatory boards, no matter how informational it may be.

Assuming you are ready to know the symptoms of a human immunodeficiency virus, though, check out the following indications.

  1. Fever

One of the first signs that you possibly have HIV is getting a fever. Since it is technically an infection, your body can tell that there’s a foreign entity in your system, and so its natural reaction is to fight the virus. Aside from that, you may have to deal with a sore throat, headache, and swelling lymph glands, thus perhaps causing you to think that you came down with influenza. These symptoms might stay until the infection goes away or gets suppressed by prescribed drugs.


  1. Fatigue

Fatigue happens to be another common indication of HIV. Like we’ve mentioned previously, your immune system will continue battling the foreign bodies for as long as they are in the body. Although it is great to know that you have antibodies to protect you against any virus, it also entails that every cell inside you are working hard even when you are either relaxing or sleeping. That results to you feeling fatigued the entire time.

  1. Joint Pain

In case you are too young to develop arthritis or a doctor already confirmed that you do not have this problem, then you might want to look into the possibility that you may be HIV positive. The reason is that the human immunodeficiency virus can go into your bloodstream and enter your joint capsules. When the infection attacks, therefore, these affected body parts will undoubtedly ache and make you feel weak.

  1. Rashes

Anyone can easily assume that a skin rash is an effect of coming in contact or ingesting an allergen. However, if you are confident that you have never been allergic to anything in the past, and several tests ensure that that has not changed, its cause may, unfortunately, be HIV. The rash typically looks red and feels very itchy, yet it is not raised like a bump that you may get from a mosquito bite. When you scrutinize it, smaller reddish bumps may make it up. If you notice rashes with the same description appear on your feet, hands, chest, face, or other body parts, try to see a doctor at once.


  1. Diarrhea

While it may be common for you to experience diarrhea, mainly when you overeat or consume something that doesn’tgo well with your digestive system, you should be aware as well that it can be a symptom of human immunodeficiency virus. Regular diarrhea, after all, may go away after taking a loperamide capsule or two and eating foods that may solidify your stool. If its cause is HIV, though, it may become unrelenting.


In case you realize that you carry any or all of these symptoms – or you know someone who does – you should not wait another day before going to a specialist to get tested. The sooner you treat the infection, the faster you may be able to dispel it from your system.

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