Global Efforts to Eradicate HIV

The 2016 Hawaii National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

There are a lot of things to get from the 2016 Hawaii National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. One of them is the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease. There are things that people should consider since the condition seems pretty rampant as of today.


The Goal And Limitations

The awareness day aims to overcome some of the medical barriers by encouraging the natives to get tested. The promotion of receiving medical care is a way of reducing the toll of HIV/AIDS.

“Regular HIV testing is an important way to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners,” writes Brian Mustanski Ph.D.

The World Health Organization believes that the battle is not about the growing numbers of natives suffering from the disease. But preferably it is the knowledge of what safe sex should have to be. Since the condition already affects most of the youth, people should consider looking for preventions as well as solutions to the problem that targets a massive amount of people.

“It may seem obvious that practicing sex safe requires open communication. Still, the more difficult question is how to overcome your reluctance—as well as that of your partner—to talk about sexual issues. To work through your awkward feelings, you’ll have to practice what you want to say until you can deliver your lines calmly and coherently,” writes David Ludden Ph.D.


Reducing The Risk

It is important to note that the protection for HIV requires steps. With this, couples who talk with each other about their conditions can significantly increase awareness. The act of indulging in less risky sexual intercourse should be given importance. These include using condoms and avoiding multiple sexual partners. That’s because the more partners a person has, the more likely he or she is prone to developing a transmitted disease.

If in case there are already symptoms of the infection, never hesitate to seek out for help. Get tested and follow procedural treatments that can stop the diseases from becoming an autoimmune disorder. Always make time to understand the principles regarding the use of antiretroviral drugs, develop a healthy lifestyle, and schedule for regular checkups.

“HIV/AIDS and any other chronic medical condition can often lead to severe mental health disorders and therefore treating these disorders as if they were co-occurring disorders may benefit the individual in the long haul,” writes Kristen Fuller, M.D.

It is necessary that people should talk and consult a professional healthcare provider to understand the condition. It is not something to be disconcerted about and preferably not the best state to hide.

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