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Dietary Tips For HIV/AIDS Patients


Having HIV/AIDS entails that there is now a virus in your system that will practically never go away. Your body will be battling it every day, even though there is no chance of winning against the disease. Still, you should stop eating fast foods and make healthy dishes to boost your immune system to give HIV/AIDS a great fight.

Not knowing what to cook and not having the time to prepare are very lame excuses for eating unhealthy stuff. If you have time to get your hair and nails done in the salon, if you have time to go to a bar with your friends after a day of work, then you surely can find the time to prepare healthy meals for yourself. As for what you can cook, you can go to any search engine to look for recipes. 


Of course, salads should always be a part of your day, and you can change it up by adding fruits and vegetables so that your palate will always have a new taste to experience. Salads are great because they give you energy while helping you stay fit. Lots of doctors suggest having this food every day. You can also bake, steam, or grill your vegetables and some white meat. 

How To Embrace Healthy Eating 

The reason why a lot of people do not eat healthy stuff is that they become overwhelmed by the common belief that anything healthy tastes bland. The truth is, they can be as tasty as regular foods. If you are a fan of steak, bacon, and other meat products, you can always add them to your vegetarian dish, but only have them grilled. If you want eggs, only add egg whites. If you want chicken, boil or bake it. You cannot have white rice, white bread, or any forms of sweets all the time because they increase your carb content, but you can have brown rice, whole wheat bread, and brown sugar. Remember that you do not have to limit yourself with dull food; there is a healthy alternative for everything you eat.

Dietary Tips 

  • Choose ingredients that are free from fats, cholesterol, and sugar.
  • Do not use a lot of oil.
  • If you wish to fry something, use olive oil.
  • Always cook white meat instead of red meat.
  • Some dairy products like butter and cheese can make you fat.
  • Hotdogs and other processed foods are not suitable for your diet.
  • Say no to junk foods.
  • Stir-fry or grill your vegetables instead of frying them.



Final Thoughts

The things mentioned above are just some of the basic ideas that you should know. There are many more, and you need to search for them on the internet. You also have to find the time to learn how to cook meals in a less fattening and healthier way. Just a rule of thumb, for your dish to be considered healthy, there should be more vegetarian items there than non-vegetarian ones. Always have fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge, eat them whenever you get hungry, and you will be surprised by the difference that it will make on your weight and overall well-being after several weeks. 

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