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How To Turn Your Life Around After Feeling Like Ending It


Many people who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS a few decades ago have had to live in isolation“A significant subset of men and women who are HIV-positive experience social rejection from family, from loved-ones (and) from partners, and those experiences of discrimination and rejection can really play out in difficult ways,” says Peter Vanable Ph.D, a professor and chair of psychology at Syracuse University.

No one understands the disease at the time, you see. All they know is that it is a transmittable illness and that being around a patient will cause them to acquire it, too. Of course, the virus does not work like that, but there is not enough information about the condition before. So, getting depressed to the extent of attempting suicide used to be common back then.

In the modern age, things have moved forward significantly. People have already realized that they cannot contract HIV even if they hug a patient or kiss them on the cheek. Instead of ridiculing the latter, therefore, they welcome friends or family members who have been diagnosed with the disease.


Now, even though there may not be a lot of individuals who feel isolated due to HIV/AIDS, some still think about ending their life at times. The typical reason is the fact that the disease eats away at their immune system. Because of that, viruses from all directions are quick to attack their bodies. No matter how many vitamins they take every day, coughs, colds, and other illnesses continue to persist. It is as if there will never be a day when they can revel at how healthy they are.

Without trying to invalidate your emotions, life will always be too beautiful to end with a rope or a slit on the wrist. Know the symptoms of depression, know the symptoms of anxiety, so you know what’s happening to you,” says Melissa Lopez, MFT.  ”You have to be proactive to prevent another, deeper cycle of depression,” You are having HIV/AIDS will not change that. Here’s what to think about to stop wanting to end it.

You Have Unfulfilled Dreams

The minimum age limit for the patients continues to decrease every year as more kids subject themselves to unprotected sex. What it entails is that a teenager can have HIV/AIDS right now and maybe finding it challenging to inform their parents about it. There may be a young man who keeps on hiding all the medicine they need to take to (hopefully) counter the vi rus.

Even if you are 15 or 50, you will always be too young to die. Dreams do not end at a certain age. For sure, you still have plenty of unfulfilled dreams at the moment. Focus on fulfilling them instead of looking for a quick way out. “You are growing, learning, and so worthy of your amazing goal. If you have a dream in your heart, I fully believe it is planted in your heart because it is yours to be and to have,” says Wanda Krause, PhD.

You Cannot Ascend To Heaven If You Take Your Life

Whether you are religious or not, you may always want to go to heaven instead of hell when you pass away. The thought of being among the angels and living without pain is more exciting than the idea of getting tortured every day. You may think that you have experienced hell on earth, after all, so it is understandable if you want to seek peace when your soul departs.

We are not experts about heaven and hell, but based on what we’ve heard, you cannot ascend to heaven if you take your life. God has given it to you, so He is the only one who can reclaim it.


Final Thoughts

The topic is honestly saddening because it happens all the time all over the globe. The more people get diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, the more the suicide rates continue to rise. We can only hope that this blog will deter you from doing the same thing if you have been dealt with the same cards.

Good luck!

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